“Discussing what she learned about herself from the experience, she told reporters that she now understood the nature of the TV and music industries...”

Niki Dawson has been no stranger to reality television. Making her t.v. debut to the world at 18 years old, she appeared on NBC's singing show 'The Voice' season 1 with her jazzy approach to today's pop. She later went on to win MTV's singing show 'Copycat' in 2014, and also appeared on American Idol's season XV in 2016.

June 2016, she mysteriously lost motor function on the right side of her body. Which effected her ability to walk, sing, and create like her normal self, and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In June 2017, she was released from an Intensive Care Unit after surviving a life threatening reaction called Steven-Johnson's Syndrome. Although these ailments paused her ability to create new music, she's been overcoming those conditions by gradually writing & producing again with her latest project.

Her album titled 'Janus Killed Hera' captures her raw emotions under R&B, Alternative- Jazz, & Hip-hop influences.